Wrongful Death

In the worst of times, you need the best help available.

The death of a loved one is unspeakable.  When that death is the result of someone’s negligence, we step in to enforce your rights on your behalf.

When faced with overwhelming grief, leave it to us to take care of your legal concerns so you can focus on yourself and your family.


As the family, you are entitled to recovery for:

  • Pain and mental anguish suffered before death
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of future income and earning capacity
  • The family’s expenses associated with the death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Punitive damages, as a deterrent for wrongdoers to prevent them from harming others in the future

There are issues that are unique to a wrongful death matter and you need a lawyer familiar with these concerns to protect your rights. In particular, New Mexico’s Wrongful Death Statute provides guidance about how to manage the wrongful estate which is different from the administration of a typical estate under the New Mexico’s Probate Code.

If you have questions about the loss of your loved one, please call us.  We will give you a clear picture of your options without any pressure or expectation.  Even if you do not decide to hire us, we want to use our knowledge to help ease your burden.

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