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Do lawsuits lead to higher insurance or health costs or contribute to a “sue-happy” society?

A common misconception about personal injury lawsuits is that judgments somehow get spread among the rest of society, making life more expensive for everyone. Some may also believe that anyone who brings a lawsuit for personal injury, is shifting blame and dodging responsibility for their own actions which contributed to their injury. This is simply not true. To begin with, there are penalties built into the law for bringing “frivolous” or “groundless” lawsuits. These may include paying the defending party’s legal fees. No sensible lawyer would ever want to bring this type of lawsuit because of the potential consequences both the lawyer and client would face as a result. When we accept a case, it is because our client was harmed by another’s negligence. There is nothing frivolous about seeking justice for the harm somebody’s wrongdoing caused. Personal injury lawsuits can make our community safer for all by preventing the same harm from occurring again.

Can I afford to pay for an attorney?

People often fear that hiring an attorney to represent them in their injury case is expensive. Our personal injury cases are handled under a contingency agreement. This means that you will never pay us for our services. Instead, we receive compensation only once your case is resolved. If we cannot secure a settlement that is acceptable to you, we do not get paid. Some firms charge for legal research, photocopies, office supplies, and postage. We believe these costs come with running a law firm and will never pass them on to you. We want your focus to be on healing, knowing that we will relentlessly pursue justice without your incurring any out-of-pocket expense.

How much control will I have over my case?

While we will advise you every step of the way, each major decision in your case is yours to make. We will not accept an offer of settlement, file a lawsuit, or make any other major decisions without consulting with you first. Your level of involvement in the rest of your case is up to you. Whatever your preference, know that our team of legal experts has you covered from start to finish.

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