Client Bill Of Rights

Our Promise to You

We know you have endured difficult, painful circumstances. We are committed to providing the experience, expertise, and personalized care that will help give you the relief you deserve. 

Every client of Weems Hazen Law will receive professional and caring service that is second-to-none, including: 

Access to Attoneys

We are always available to you whenever you need us.

Straight Forward Answers

You can expect a clear, honest answer to any question you ask, in a language you can understand.


We hold anything you tell us in strict confidence, protected by law. We will only ask for sensitive information when essential to the success of your case and will always explain the strategy behind any such request.

Complete Communication

We make sure you understand the legal process and why each step is taken.

Financial Transparency

We will never surprise you with fees and tell you what you’ll receive on the bottom line before you accept an offer.

Final Say

No decisions are final until you tell us to accept or refuse an offer in your case.

Access to Files

You are always welcome to see and review any and all information we have about your case.

No Obligation

We welcome you to switch attorneys at any time if you decide we are no longer the right firm for you.


We want you to have confidence knowing that your case is the same top priority to us as it is to you.

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