Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can have devastating physical, mental, and emotional effects on an individual. Many of these injuries can be long terms.  The symptoms of an assault can manifest in a myraid of ways, and come and go throughout the individual’s lifetime. The term sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim. Some forms of sexual assault include:

  • Attempted rape
  • Fondling or unwanted sexual touching
  • Forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body
  • Penetration of the victim’s body, also known as rape

Sexual assault can also involve coercion—anywhere there is a power imbalance.. consider the work place, school or training environment, or in a medical setting.

Survivors of sexual assault can experience a range of physical, mental, and emotional effects, including:

  • continuing anxiety
  • poor health
  • sense of helplessness
  • persistent fear
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • sleep disturbances
  • flashbacks
  • dissociation
  • panic attacks
  • phobias
  • relationship difficulties
  • withdrawal/isolation
  • paranoia
  • localized pain

Given the trauma of sexual assault, it can be difficult for survivors to seek help for what they’ve endured. Further, many survivors do not realize that they can hold their assailants accountable through a civil lawsuit. Our team helps survivors pursue justice against their assailants with a healing-focus. We strive to create a space in which our clients feel empowered yet safe. That’s why we partner with local organizations that work with survivors of sexual assault to ensure our clients can heal while simultaneously advocating for their rights.




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