Bicycle Accident

According to The New Mexico Traffic Crash Annual Report, cars and trucks hit 266 bicyclists in New Mexico in 2020. Half the bicyclists survived their crash uninjured. As for the rest of them, eight died, and 131 were hurt.

That is a lot of people whose lives got rearranged by a driver’s reckless behavior.

Suppose a car or truck hurt you while on a bike; you’d likely need medical care and may have to miss work, which can get quite expensive and cause a real strain on your life. It is also possible you may not fully heal from your injuries. You may be forced to endure these burdens simply because of someone’s negligence. If the driver-at-fault has insurance, their insurance company may want to give you a quick-and-easy, just-make-the-problem go-away settlement.

You might be so happy to get any offer of some relief, especially once the medical bills start to roll in, especially after you’ve been off work to heal.

But, your future self will wish you hadn’t accepted that offer so fast.

Weems Hazen Law attorneys can make sure you are compensated fairly for your:

  • Medical treatment and bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Time off work and lost wages
  • Future medical needs



How do you prove liability in a bike accident lawsuit?

To determine who caused the crash, we need to prove the following:

  • Someone had a duty to obey the law and not harm others
  • Someone broke the law and, in doing so, caused the crash
  • The crash caused you physical and financial harm

People who ride bikes in New Mexico must obey the same traffic laws and road rules as those who drive cars and trucks. The other party might try to argue you caused the crash. We will work with you to help gather any information about the crash or the scene that will prove the above.

We want the best possible outcome for you as you recover. We are skilled at negotiating compensation for your accident-related injuries.

At Weems Hazen Law, we are:

  • Successful in winning seven-figure dollar verdicts
  • Committed to our client’s desired outcomes
  • Compassionate yet competent advocates

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