Don’t let family conflict be a part of your legacy. Our goal is peace of mind for you and everyone who depends upon you – from your children and pets, to your parents, friends, and siblings.

We offer flat rate, low cost wills customized for you by a lawyer. 

However, the most important document for your estate plan may not be your Last Will and Testament, but rather a Durable Power of Attorney or Healthcare Power of Attorney. They are not the same. Each situation is different and it’s important to understand when each document is appropriate and what they accomplish. 


If you’re unmarried but living together, your extended family, even those you haven’t talked to in years, may have more legal claim to your assets than the person you love. Protect your life choice by documenting your intentions should you or your partner die or become unable to make your own choices.

Tell us about your situation, and we’ll explain how you can:

  • Direct your loved one’s medical care
  • Manage your loved one’s assets
  • Protect your mutual investment in a home


Believe it or not, most people who have wills neglect not designate a caretaker for their pets. If nobody is designated, pets are simply seen as property, just like a car or piece of furniture. While there are nonprofits who try to place them, many are simply relinquished to Animal Control.

We can help you ensure that your animal companions are properly protected and cared for. 

Contact us today to review your current plan or or start developing a Last Will and Testament and other essential documents to ensure peace of mind and stability for those you love.

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